These would live in the hearts of many who were part of “Jesus Saves” Day two with Pastor Kelvin Elson Godson, on Thursday night of 23rd January 2020 at Ho in the Volta Region of Ghana.

After moments of prayer, worship and praise, ecstatic shouts filled the VAG Hall of Ho Sokode-Lokoe as the woman of God, Rev Sabina Elson Godson , arrived in the auditorium to a resounding shout and chants of joy from participants.

Everyone rose to join their faith to hers as she declared words of restoration and transformatiom. Rev Sabina Elson Godson who is also wife to the founder of Zoe Outreach Embassy, Pastor Kelvin Elson Godson is well known for her ministry of the power of God which would sweep congregants off their feet celebrating their miracles with shouts of glory and praise to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Kelvin Elson Godson who took the podium shortly after gave a message emphasising the need for every believer to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to walk in the anointing of the power of God.

Most remarkable moment came when dozens gave their lives to Jesus Christ and experience the infilling of the Holy Spirit for the very first time in their lives, a perfect demonstration of redemption power of God through salvation. it was on record that 22 people received the gift of salvation.

A 23 year old young woman who suffered asthma from birth was healed while two men and a woman who were in pain as a result of a demonic spell were healed and set free supernaturally as Pastor Kelvin prayed for them. Many others also received their healing from all manner of medical conditions. As the man of God, Pastor Kelvin Elson Godson ministered the healing power of God.

Zoe News caught up with some participants shortly after the program who expressed their astonishment of the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ and said they were most grateful to God for making it possible for Pastor Kelvin to host “Jesus Saves” in Ho.

The day two of “Jesus Saves” in Ho ended with the multitude who came celebrating the consummation of miracles. They watched in awe and amazement as many demonstrated their healing, doing things they could not do before. Praise to the Name of the Lord is on every lip as they celebrate the remarkable manifestations of the Spirit. Hallelujah!



It was indeed a blessed time of the revelation of the Word as participants had great insights into the deep and intimate knowledge of the AntiChrist and the End Time Mysteries. The man of God, Kelvin Elson Godson taught with so much simplicity under the power of the Holy Spirit to the delight of all. Participants were brought to an understanding about the deception of the AntiChrist with his schemes to overcrowd his kingdom.




It’s a story of miracles!

It’s a story of hope!

Just like in the days of Jesus and the Apostles, multitudes gathered to hear and be healed of their infirmities 

The ministry of the man of God Pastor Kelvin is no different from Jesus. Multitudes gather with great expectations to hear the Word and to be healed of diverse manner  of infirmities.

We present to you excerpts of God’s Healing Power among the lame. 

Lameness is an abnormal gait or stance as a result of dysfunction of the locomotor system. People who are lame are disabled so that movement, especially walking is difficult or impossible.

In meetings such as the special healing school and the atmosphere of the supernatural, such individuals have come with great faith expectant to receive the divine touch from God.

At the 36th edition of the Special healing School, with the man of God Pastor Kelvin, this woman who had suffered stroke for years responded to the Word and walked for the first time with Joy after several years. 

Having suffered stroke, this man came to be a part of the Atmosphere of the supernatural in koforidua, received the healing touch of God and walked after several years of disability .

Having suffered with stroke for several years the man of God ministered with so much compassion to this man and he walked for the first time after several years 

Others with arthritis, and other bone diseases came and at the word of the man of God were able to walk and run after years. 

Jesus is still working miracles; only believe as Pastor Kelvin prays for you.


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